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  • Andrew Lau
  • Production Companies
  • B.O.B. And Partners
  • Everwide
  • Golden Harvest Company
  • The film opens in 1996. It begins with a wedding of Tan Ting Yee and his girlfriend. At the wedding, Chan Ho Nam agrees to travel to Thailand with the other branch leaders of Hung Hing in order to try and recruit Chiang Tian Sheng to lead the Hung Hing triad. While 6 of the 12 branch leaders are in Thailand, Dinosaur, back in Hong Kong, who leads Tuen Muen area for Hung Hing is assassinated by being thrown over a building by Tiger of rival gang Tung Sing society. The following day, Chan Ho Nam and his fellow leaders in Thailand learn of Dinosaurs demise and agree to elect a new branch leader for the Tuen Muen area. the Two nominees are Barbarian (Dinosaurs right hand man) and Chicken San Gai (Chan Ho Nams right hand man). Chan Ho Nam warns Chicken of the dangers of running for branch leader but Chicken chooses to run anyway causing a feud among their friendship. Mean while Chiang Tian Sheng agrees to head back to Hong Kong to lead the Hung Hing society. He declares that Barbarian and Chicken are given a time period to prove themselves worthy of leading Tuen Muen for Hung Hing.

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