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Sally's parents' marriage breaks up when her father undergoes a mid-life crisis and impulsively weds a prostitute as Sally's own marriage also begins to disintegrate.

In London, Helena Shebritch has a broken heart since her husband Alfie had had a third age crisis and left her seeking his lost youth. She meets the charlatan fortune teller Cristal Delgiorno and follows her esoteric advices believing in the power of prophecy. Alfie meets the younger call girl Charmaine Foxx and proposes her. Meanwhile, their daughter Sally Channing has financial difficulties with her husband and aspirant writer Roy Channing. Roy is graduated in medical school but has never worked as a doctor since he had written a successful first novel and decided to follow the career of writer but he never succeeds in writing a good second novel. Sally starts working in the Geller Gallery and has a crush on her handsome boss Greg, while Roy peeps and flirts through the window with his neighbor Dia that is always dressed in red. When Roy's poker friend Henry Strangler, who had written a magnificent novel and showed only to Roy, has a fatal car accident with their other poker friend Mike, Roy misunderstands that Strangler died and he steals his manuscript that is successfully accepted by the editor to be published. Their lives change when Helena meets a widower that is her twin soul and Alfie finds that he is a cuckold and Charmaine is pregnant. Roy and Sally split, and Sally, who had fantasized an affair with her boss, finds that Greg sees her as a co-worker and friend only. Further, her mother will no longer lend a large amount to her to open her own gallery following Cristal's advice. And Roy, who moved to Dia's apartment, finds that Strangler has not died but is in coma instead.


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