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  • Rajiv Rai
  • Production Company
  • Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd.
  • A cop and a criminal, both on their respective missions of duty and revenge, go from India to Kenya in order to extradite a reclusive crime lord to India.

  • Police inspector Prabhat Singh is sent to Kenya on a mission of apprehending the crime lord Azghar Jurrat. Prabhat's mission is one of duty as well as vengeance: his younger brother had been murdered by Jurrat after Prabhat shot and killed Jurrat's brother in the line of duty. Prabhat is accompanied by an ex-convict Akash Bharadwaj who also seeks revenge against Jurrat for massacring his entire family. In Kenya, their liaison with the local police is Surya Pratap Singh, a tough and honest police officer of Indian origin. Since Jurrat is a respected citizen in Kenya without any police record, the task before Prabhat and Akash is made doubly tough, as they now have to collect solid evidence of Jurrat's criminal empire all the while evading the watchful and suspicious eyes of Surya Pratap Singh. Little does Surya Pratap know that the unknown assailant who caused his wife's death and his daughter's traumatized condition happens to be Nagraj, Jurrat's son.

  • Inspector Prabhat Singh and a reform convict, Akash Bhardwaj is tasked with the responsibility of thwarting a notorious criminal gang head by the elusive, Azghar Jurhad. Azghar where-about is traced in Kenya, Africa. While in Kenya, Akash and Prabhat is over seen by a naive Kenyan police officer who is also an Indian by birth named Surya Pratap Singh. Problems persists when Akash and Prabhat's mission is leaked to the Kenyan authorities and Surya Pratap himself is use as a pawn by Azghar and his gang.


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