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Three stories about the lives and loves of those who own a certain yellow Rolls-Royce: **First purchased by the Marquess of Frinton for his wife as a belated anniversary present, the ...

Three separate stories of the love lives of the various owners of the same 1939 yellow Rolls-Royce Phantom are told. The original owner, Lord Charles, the Marquess of Frinton, buys it as a tenth wedding anniversary present for his French wife, Lady Eloise, on the eve of the Ascot Gold Cup, in which he has a horse entered and is expected to win. As Lord Charles focuses on the activities around the race and his diplomatic duties, he may be unaware of Lady Eloise's own activities, which may make this anniversary and the gift a memorable one, but not in a good way. Over 2,000 miles later, Paolo Maltese, a world renowned American gangster, buys the Rolls-Royce for his girlfriend and fiancée, Mae Jenkins, as a vehicle in which to travel around Italy. On their travels, they meet a street photographer named Stefano, who flirts with Mae, which Paolo believes is innocent and harmless enough. Despite Mae outwardly calling Stefano amoral for flirting with her, an engaged woman, she falls for him, and he in return truly does fall in love with her. As Paolo is called back to the US to deal with business, Mae and Stefano are able to spend time together. Mae has to decide if she loves Stefano enough to leave him, since Paolo would never let her go. And Paolo's right hand man, Joey Friedlander, who has seen what has happened between Mae and Stefano, will have to decide if he will rat them out to Paolo for his own self-preservation. The car having seen better days, it, in 1941, comes under the ownership of middle aged American socialite, Gerda Millett, an overbearing and headstrong woman who always gets her way or else, and is somewhat oblivious to world activities outside of her general sphere. In Trieste, she is planning on making a trip into Yugoslavia to meet with the new Prince, Peter. In Trieste, she is persuaded by a Yugolsav national named Davich to give him ride to his homeland. It isn't until they are approaching the border that she learns he is a Yugoslav revolutionary, who, despite her earliest concerns, is not out to kill Prince Peter, but rather work to defeat what he and his colleagues know will be the imminent Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia. Beyond the issue of getting Davich over the border without being detected by border control, Mrs. Millett may see first hand for what Davich is fighting if they do make it across.


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