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  • Three patients and a nurse from a women's psychiatric ward in Casablanca, Morocco, confront their suffering and forge a strong friendship, escaping in occasional nocturnal escapades that slowly help to bring them back to life.

  • Three young women, Amal, Ibtissam and Rim, from different ages and social backgrounds are hospitalized in the Block J of a psychiatric hospital in Casablanca. They are diagnosed with depression and in need of medical intervention. Amal is struggling with suicidal impulses since she lost her little boy who was run over by a car in front of her eyes. Ibtissam is still in shock, after being forced into an arranged marriage with her homosexual cousin to preserve the family's reputation. Rim swings between disgust and rebellion, she has been raped by her father all through her teen years and her mother testified against her in court, her only wish is to save her younger sister Yasmine, who has been left alone to live with her parents. In Block J, the three young women share much more than a room and support group sessions; they share their suffering and soon enough, their desire to overcome it. They decide to brighten their daily life by sneaking out at night with the help of Halima, the Head Nurse of the hospital, to have fun in a closed theme park and celebrate Rim's eighteenth birthday. Significant friendship ties are made while these women will do anything to escape their personal confinement and help each other by any means possible.


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