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A troubled girl becomes preoccupied with her mysterious new neighbor, who bears a striking resemblance to her dead mother.

The bitter and introspective seventeen year-old Emanuel is a troubled girl that lost her mother giving birth to her and she feels guilty for her loss. She lives with her father Dennis and her estranged stepmother Janice in a house in the suburb. Emanuel has not gone to college and works in a drugstore with her colleague Arthur. She uses to flirt with the teenager Claude in the train she uses to go to her job. When her next door neighbor Linda offers Emanuel to be the babysitter of her newborn Chloe, Emanuel accepts the job offer but she does not see the baby that is sleeping. But Emanuel and Linda feel connected to each other and Emanuel visits Linda in her leisure time to help her with Chloe. When Emanuel finally sees Chloe, she realizes that her new friend is living a great illusion but she keeps her secret. When Linda dates Arthur, the touching truth about her is disclosed.


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