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  • Sammo Kam-Bo Hung
  • Production Companies
  • Golden Harvest Company
  • Paragon Films Ltd.
  • A young man discovers that his reputation as a fearsome martial artist is manufactured by his rich father, after meeting a real martial arts master, who's also a master thespian, and is determined to apprentice under him to learn kung fu.

  • A rich man's son (Yuen Biao) believes himself to be the best kung fu fighter in Canton. Unfortunately, his father, anxious for his son's safety, bribes all his opponents to lose. After a humiliating defeat at the hands of an actor in a traveling theatre company, the son resolves to find a better teacher. Furious kung fu battles and slapstick comedy.

  • Kung fu Kung-fu movie about a spoiled youngster, Young Leong Tsan, who hates books and conventions but is obsessed by martial arts. His rich father dotes on him so much that handsome payments are awarded to people who manage to lose gracefully to his son, and Young Leong soon comes to think he is the best fighter in Canton.


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