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  • Jacques Doillon
  • Production Companies
  • Les Productions De La Guéville
  • Gaumont
  • A young woman in a deep depression leaves her husband and returns to her parents. She discovers her father is having an affair, becomes jealous of his mistress and tries to turn his feelings in her direction.

  • Anne is a seriously disturbed young woman who is driven to leave her husband for awhile and go home to her parents in the countryside to find a new childhood. She finds out that her parents have not changed and they still consider her a little girl. She encourages her mother to spend a few days with her sister, who is about to give birth. Alone with her father, she discovers that he has a mistress. She meets and invites her to dinner. Things go wrong. When her husband comes to hear from her, she refuses to see him. More and more attracted by her father, she will multiply the tricks to trap him for her obsessive dream of incest.


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