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  • Billy and Jacolby have been partnering up for a series of events leading up to having the reputation of career criminals. And this time, they have been assigned by the most feared and respected local crime boss, Raymond, to hit a poker game run by three other local wise guys. After a few months pass, kicking off the movie, a conflicted Jacolby starts to become extra scared about Billy not taking this risk seriously as he is just wrapping up his time spent with a hooker. But we then come to realize, Billy is more confident and ready than he is unfocused. Moments later, we are at the hideout where the card game is taking place. This is where we are introduced to Gussy, Carlo, Chuck, and Maria. Out of nowhere, Billy and Jacolby bust in with there guns pointed all over the place and their ski masks on their faces. During the hit however right when we realize how much the three wise guys are not even close to being scared, Jacolby is the exact opposite which gets Billy frustrated. The next thing we know, both Billy and Jacolby are nothing but two brand new statistics of the types of people who think they can f#@$ with the made guys. We are then introduced to the godfather of the family, Raymond. After a moment of patience, a phone call comes in to update Raymond on the job. Only it wasn't Billy or Jacolby that called. Nor was it either of them that Raymond would be expecting. We find out that the call came from Gussy which reveals that Billy and Jacolby, two wannabe mobsters, were set up by the real f'n deal in signing their death certificates.

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