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A black comedy centered around a TV weather girl and the two very different men who pursue her.

In Lyon, the successful middle-aged writer Charles Saint-Denis lives isolated with his wife Dona Saint-Denis in a comfortable house in the country. His friend Capucine Jamet invites him to promote his latest novel in a talk show and in an autograph evening in a bookstore. In both occasions, the cynical Charles meets the witty and gorgeous TV weather-girl Gabrielle Aurore Deneige, whose mother Marie Deneige works in the bookstore. Meanwhile, Gabrielle is promoted to host a show on television, and is wooed by the arrogant heir to a pharmaceutical fortune Paul André Claude Gaudens, who is Charles' enemy and invites Gabrielle to have dinner with him. Charles invites Gabrielle to go with him to an auction and then they go to his apartment in Paris. The inexperienced Gabrielle has one night stand with him and falls in love with Charles, who teaches kinky sex to her. Then he brings Gabrielle to a men's club where she is perverted. Sooner Charles travels to London and forgets Gabrielle. Gabrielle is lovesick and depressed without strength to live. Paul insists in visiting her and finally Marie agrees. Paul and Gabrielle travel to Lisbon and Gabrielle accepts to marry him. She tells to Paul what Charles has done to her and after the wedding, the possessive Paul feels jealous with the experience of Gabrielle on bed. His jealousy leads to a tragedy and Gabrielle has to choose between keeping her intimacy with Charles or disclosing it in court.


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