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  • Jaco Van Dormael
  • Production Companies
  • Canal+
  • Center For Film And Audiovisual Arts Of The French Community Of Belgium
  • Centre National Du Cinéma Et De L'image Animée (CNC)

Georges has Down's syndrome, living at a mental-institution. Harry is a busy businessman, giving lectures for young aspiring salesmen. He is successful in his business life, but his social life is a disaster since his wife left him and took their two children with her. This weekend his children came by train to meet him, but Harry, working as always, forgot to pick them up. Neither his wife nor his children want to see him again and he is driving around on the country roads, anguished and angry. He almost runs over Georges, on the run from the institution since everybody else went home with their parents except him, whose mother is dead. Harry tries to get rid of Georges but he won't leave his new friend. Eventually a special friendship forms between the two of them, a friendship which makes Harry a different person. —Mattias Thuressonfriendshipsuicidetrain stationchildrenweekend113 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesWhat a difference a day makes ...GenresComedyDramaParents guideAdd content advisory


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