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When a happily married woman discovers a love letter written by her husband to an unknown party, she enlists her dysfunctional family to discover the truth.

  • Greg Mottola
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Eliza D'Amico loves her husband, Louis D'Amico, and she believes he loves her. Her beliefs are tested when, on the day after Thanksgiving, she finds behind her bedroom dresser what appears to be a love letter written by someone named Sandy, the letter which references poet Andrew Marvel. Not knowing what the letter really means, Eliza decides to ask her parents, working class Jim and Rita Malone, Eliza's sister Jo Malone, and Jo's intellectual boyfriend Carl Petrovic - the latter two who are visiting from Michigan for the holiday weekend - what they think the letter means. The five decide to drive from the Malone's Deer Park, Long Island home into New York City to find Louis and/or find clues as to the meaning of the letter's contents. As they go on their search through the day and into night, they do find more and more evidence, which they all believe is still inconclusive. But they also meet a variety of people with whom they share their story, and learn the story of these new people. These people include a sex starved man who tells the story of his latest sexual conquest to anyone who will listen, a writer who out-intellectualizes Carl, a father and son one who is hiding from the law, sisters dealing with their mother's estate, and a woman who is trying to pick up her ex-boyfriend at a party. Through it all, the day's events not only affect Eliza and her marriage, but the family dynamic as well.


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