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  • Nafiss Nia
  • Production Company
  • Halal Amsterdam
  • One afternoon the lives of Roya and Nassim intersect. Marked by their past as refugees, they are both looking for a way out. They could be each other's salvation, but a closed door stands between them.

  • Roya, a refugee from Iran who has exhausted all legal remedies, flees her asylum seekers' center to avoid being sent back to Iran. With an address in her pocket, she hopes to stay with Nassim, an Iranian girl who assists rejected refugees. But instead of Nassim, she finds a young man at the address who claims to be Nassim's brother. He has lost the key to the apartment, he says, and cannot open the door for Roya until his sister returns. Having nowhere else to go, Roya decides to wait in the hallway for Nassim. The young man keeps Roya at a distance, but she is determined to stay. While waiting for Nassim slowly but surely a conversation develops between Roya and the young man, two people who have both fled from the same homeland, but who nevertheless have completely opposite views on life in the Netherlands. At the same time, Roya begins to wonder who the young man really is and why Nassim is nowhere to be found. What Roya does not know, however, is that the boy on the other side of the door is Nassim; a name that can be used for both genders in Iran. In this poetic verbal game, we get to know our characters bit by bit, discovering that Nassim has his own reasons to keep Roya out. Can they be each other's last hope?


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