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This Oscar nominated film is the story of two men who are opposites, one gay, the other straight, one a fierce communist, the other a fierce individualist, one suspicious, the other accepting, and how they come to love each other.

  • Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
  • Juan Carlos Tabío
  • Instituto Cubano Del Arte E Industrias Cinematográficos (ICAIC)
  • Instituto Mexicano De Cinematografía (IMCINE)
  • TeleMadrid
Diego, a cultivated, apolitical, sceptical young artist living in Havana initiates a friendship with fiercely communist homophobe David with the intention of seducing him. David, knowing this, allows the relationship to build so he can spy on a person he sees as aberrant and dangerous to the communist cause. Despite their conflicting sexualities and political ideologies the two slowly build a relationship out of their differences, proving that camaraderie and friendship can overcome the most divisive superficialities.


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