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A teenage hockey player becomes a national sensation.

Seventeen year old Torontonian Farley Gordon, home schooled by his parents Hope and Edgar Gordon, who Farley considers pacifist-anarchists (heavy on the pacifist side), believes that he has the same sensibilities as his parents, although Farley has not been exposed to much in the real world. The one area where he and his parents disagree is in his playing of ice hockey, although he has only ever played in non-competitive pick-up games and brings his zen sensibilities to the way he plays. Despite having no formal training, he is a natural in the sport. After being spotted by Walt Acorn, the owner of the junior league Brampton Blades, Farley is given a tryout with the team, much to the chagrin of the team's coaching staff. To make it in the world of hockey, Farley may have to change his way of thinking to match the rough and tumble world of competitive sports, most specifically coming to grips with its violence. If Farley has to change his way of thinking to match this traditional mentality of the sport, which includes its stars being treated as idolized commodities, Farley may lose not only the respect of his parents but also that of Eve, his aspiring cellist best friend since age two. What Farley is unaware of is that Eve is in love with him, and he with her, and that changing for hockey may push her into the arms of Marco, an Italian exchange student.


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