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  • Miroslav Mandic
  • Production Companies
  • Filmostovje
  • Quasar Multimedia
  • RTV Slovenija
  • A unique love story evokes Gigliola Cinquetti's "Non ho l'età", the winner of the 1960's Sanremo music festival, which happens to be one of the rare common memories from both protagonists' youth. Elderly Bruno suffers from dementia. He lives in a rest home, and constantly craves for Dusa, only to forget her after each of their encounters. An elusive and somewhat mischievous character, Dusa lives in the same rest home and suffers from dementia as well. The two meet during the organized home activities and often flirt with one another, as if they made acquaintance for the first time. At other times, they don't recognize each other at all. When in Dusa's company, Bruno feels a relief that alleviates his confusion and longing for the past. A past which resurfaces violently when he is alone, causing him to want to run away from the rest home, in an attempt to get back to his own home, his wife and his dog - who, sadly, are no longer there. The succession of powerful and poetic images portrays the protagonists' confusion as well as their nostalgic moods. The story has funny moments too, like the night when Bruno can't find his room - he accidentally enters Dusa's and lies down next to her. Upon waking up, they start arguing, each certain that the other is in the wrong bed. Once again they discover they like each other, and agree to meet for breakfast. Realising he was in a room not his, Bruno wanders away, while Dusa, dressed in her best clothes, waits for him at their breakfast table in vain.

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