Netflix Movies Starring Yasuko Sawaguchi

Yasuko Sawguchi, born on 11 June 1965, Sakai, Osaka, Japan. She beat more than 30 thousand other participants and won the first Cinderella beauty contest held by Toho, a famous movie company in Japan, in 1984. She got the heroine role and made her debut in the movie "Story of a Policeman 3" in June 1984. In the same year, she also performed as the heroine of now very well known in USA movie, "Gojira '85". She made her TV drama debut in NHK's "Miotsukushi" in 1985 when she was at the age, 19. By the successful legend drama, she became "nationals' idol" in Japan and got very high popularity. After that she is very active in the areas of TV dramas, movies, and stages. Now, she is already a superstar actress in Japan and is also widely known for her elegant and graceful beauty. Read more on iMDB