Netflix Movies Starring William "will" Daubert

William Christopher Daubert was born on February 28, 1960 in Rockford, Illinois to Ronald Daubert a heavy equipment repairman and Patricia Daubert a restaurant assistant manager. At age of 5 he and his family moved to California were his dad acquired a job in the aircraft industry. He has been a resident of California in the Antelope Valley desert region for the last 48 years. He started in the show business later in life, making his first appearance in the movie Angels and Demons at the age of 48 as a catholic priest. He caught the acting bug and has continued to pursue various roles in films, documentaries and music videos. He is still new to acting but strives to learn more to be a better actor. One day being cast for a role and needing additional wardrobe for the character, he then decided to build his own personal costume wardrobe collection including accessories and it has grown in size over the years in hopes to be used at times to meet productions needs. Read more on iMDB