Netflix Movies Starring Victoria Paege

Actress, cosplayer, print and comic book reference model. Victoria jumped into the pop culture scene in 2009 when she first appeared in the horror/comedy Piranha 3D. Since then, she has appeared in multiple films and TV shows such as the cult hit 'A Man Called Nereus', 'Camp 139', 'Geek Cred', Dropping the Soap and more. She will be seen in the upcoming, Emmy-nominated Con Man (2016), and is appearing with top selling comedy band Ninja Sex Party in their newest music video 'Eating food in the Shower' (2016). She can be found bringing to life the covers for several comics, such as Legends of Oz and Break The Walls: Stories inspired by songs of the Pixies, modeling for companies like the Game Grumps and serving as reference for several comic artists, including Brian Miller from Hi Fi color and Shelby Robertson of American Discord. Read more on iMDB