Netflix Movies Starring Tony Besson

Born into an entrepreneurial family in Omaha, Nebraska, Tony Besson began his life in a constant state of change. Moving between 14 different schools from California to Hawaii, ending in Las Vegas, Tony was always the new kid in school. Due to the need to continually introduce himself, Tony naturally became an outgoing and witty person, which consistently put him in the center of attention. Whether animatedly reenacting a story about a past school to his friends in the cafeteria, or impeccably drifting inches between light poles and cars before e-braking into his spot in the parking lot; when you met Tony, you were not likely to forget him. Tony loved engaging people into his stories and plots, and later realized he had a natural talent for stage, which was for him like telling a story in the cafeteria. However, despite the natural talent of this young man, his aspirations to pursue his passion of acting were hindered by the upheavals of an inconsistent place to call "home. Read more on iMDB