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Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) Todd Duffee knocked out in stone what he was set on doing as a full-time career. He was born in Evansville, Indiana on December 6, 1985, spending his formative years in Raleigh, Illinois. At age 16, Todd had moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he joined a boxing gym and thus started training. His learning experience about the MMA was enhanced with viewings of old Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fights he rented. Not long after this, Todd began training at a MMA gym. Upon entering the MMA circuit, Todd found success against several fighters and earned a notable triumph over UFC and PRIDE FC veteran fighter Assuiero Silva with a knockout victory during their second round together. He graduated to fighting in the UFC, scheduled to make his debut showing at UFC #99, held on June of 2009 until the UFC withdrew him to insert another fighter. Read more on iMDB