Netflix Movies Starring Tim Mcintire

Tim McIntire was a remarkably fine, versatile and underrated actor/composer/singer/songwriter/musician who gave consistently strong, impressive and charismatic performances in both movies and TV shows alike. The son of character actor John McIntire and actress Jeanette Nolan, McIntire was born on July 19th, 1944. He's the brother of actress Holly McIntire. McIntire first began acting in plays while attending high school. He worked in gas stations and men's stores in order to finance his early theatrical career. Handsome and husky, with a deep, rich and commanding voice of exceptionally exquisite sonority, McIntire made his film debut as James Stewart's son in Shenandoah (1965). MicIntire was superb in a rare substantial starring part as passionate pioneering 50s rock'n'roll disc jockey Alan Freed in the hugely enjoyable American Hot Wax (1978). McIntire's other notable movie roles include a raucous party hearty college student in The Sterile Cuckoo (1969), an illegal cross country car race participant in the funny The Gumball Rally (1976), a wild man cop in The Choirboys (1977), a shrewd top con in the offbeat prison drama Fast-Walking (1982), and a rugged mountain man in Sacred Ground (1983). Read more on iMDB