Netflix Movies Starring Tiffany Martin

Tiffany Martin was born in Santa Cruz, CA. Her father, Russell Martin, is a photographer, musician and composer. Her mother is model, actress, TV reporter Cynthia Martin. Growing up in the creative arts/entertainment industry may have contributed to Tiffany Martin's love of cinema, art and photography. By the time Tiffany was in middle school, she was already a working actress and model. Tiffany's credits include lead roles in feature films and guest star/recurring roles on major network primetime TV shows. She has also modeled for some of the world's most respected photographers. Tiffany's cinema debut began when she landed a role in the sci-fi film Alien Armageddon. The script was finished and filming already underway when the film's director, Neil Johnson, met Tiffany Martin at a "Retro Radio Live" taping and dinner. Neil Johnson was taken by the intensity of Tiffany's eyes and overall look, and within days had rewritten the script to include Tiffany as the young daughter that the film's lead is searching for throughout the film. Read more on iMDB