Netflix Movies Starring Tiffany Adams

Perhaps it was growing up in poverty that gave Tiffany Adams the drive to have a better life. Perhaps it was the experiences of being homeless as a child, and pretending to be someone else as a way to cope, that drew Tiffany Adams into acting. Whatever the case, from a very young age, Tiffany Adams has always found solace in the theater, and has always been very good at it. Tiffany was born in Toledo, Ohio. Her parents divorced when she was very young, and from that point forward her dad was out of the picture. Tiffany was raised by a loving and hard working single mother whom, due to circumstances beyond her control, had limited opportunities. Poverty was all they knew. Tiffany remembers being homeless as a child, and living in a car with her mother. It was around this time that Tiffany found her escape through the theatre. Read more on iMDB