Netflix Movies Starring Tara Strohmeier

Tara Strohmeier was an attractive, appealing, and energetic actress who worked with pleasing regularity in entertainingly trashy 1970's drive-in exploitation fare. With her cute face, curly mass of frizzy dark hair, smoldering blue eyes, buxom, shapely figure, engagingly sweet'n'sassy upbeat personality, and boundless vitality, the alluring brunette was a substantial and delightful asset to any given film she appeared in. Tara gave a hilarious performance as aspiring B-flick starlet Jill McBain in the uproarious "Hollywood Boulevard." Other notable roles include an enticing teenager in "The Student Teachers," a saucy prostitute in the exciting blaxploitation blast "Truck Turner," a foxy model in "Cover Girl Models," and Claudia Jennings' sister in the terrific "The Great Texas Dynamite Chase." Strohmeier also had a memorably sexy bit in the sidesplitting sketch comedy hoot "The Kentucky Fried Movie." Tara appeared in three films for director Jonathan Kaplan and often acted in movies for Roger Corman's prolific grindhouse studio New World Pictures. Read more on iMDB