Netflix Movies Starring Sibelle Hu

Sibelle Hu was born on May 4, 1958 in Taiwan. She graduated from the Faculty of History of the University of Taiwan in 1981. When she was still in school, she made her film debut in Your Smiling Face (1979), which was a big hit in Hong Kong, and then went on to appear in a host of drama/romantic films from Taiwan. Hu later furthered her film career in Hong Kong, starring in mostly action films, at times taking on tough, no-nonsense police detective roles. However, she also starred in several action-comedies as well, most notably playing "Madam Wu" in three of the six "My Lucky Stars" films. Her role would be spun-off and take center stage in a different movie series called "The Inspector Wears Skirts," where she trains a group of female police squad members at the Hong Kong Police Academy. Read more on iMDB