Netflix Movies Starring Ross Hagen

Rough'n'tumble character actor Ross Hagen was born as Leland Lando Lilly on May 21, 1938 in Williams, Arizona. He was the son of Lando Irvin Lilly and Mary Alice Johnson. Handsome and rugged, with a highly distinctive deep gravelly voice and a commandingly raw masculine screen presence, Ross was frequently cast as charming and likable tough guys on both sides of the law in a colorful and eclectic array of films and TV shows. Hagen began his acting career in the mid 60s doing guest spots on various television programs before crossing over into exploitation theatrical features with leading roles in the biker flicks "The Hellcats," "The Mini-Skirt Mob," and "Five the Hard Way." Hagen's most memorable movie roles include smooth insurance agent Mike Harber in "Wonder Women," bumbling former coal miner turned wannabe mobster Charlie Jacobs in "Bad Charleston Charlie," vicious hitman Ray Mitchell in "Avenging Angel," back-stabbing con artist Cory Thorton in "Armed Response," all-girls baseball team owner Midnight in "Blood Games," hard-nosed Army Captain Jason Briggs in "Dinosaur Island," a skeptical sheriff in "Sideshow," and private investigator Elwood Dick in "Murder on the Yellow Brick Road. Read more on iMDB