Netflix Movies Starring Richard Dutcher

Dutcher had studied and worked for years to perfect his craft. His first complete film project was the ultra-low budget student film "Brother John." As a young graduate of film school Dutcher poured everything he had into making his first feature-length film, the romantic comedy "Girl Crazy." Although "Girl Crazy" was never screened theatrically, Dutcher did sell the picture to HBO, and was able to recoup his expenses. In 1997 Dutcher directed "Eliza and I", a play-like film based adapted from the play by BYU professor/actress/playwright Elizabeth J. Hansen, which was shown on public television and is available on video. Although he knew what he wanted to do, and he was certain he had the skill and experience to be able to do so, it took Dutcher three years to raise enough money to make a feature film about Latter-day Saints. Read more on iMDB