Netflix Movies Starring Praline Le Moult

After a B.A. Central Saint Martins and Diplôme École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Praline Le Moult now continues the adventure-wear heritage of Eugene Le Moult the world's No.1 butterfly-hunter. She explores the themes of industrialisation and colonisation through the medium of a medieval technique: hand-block-printing. Eugène Le Moult lived the Golden Age of Adventure, racing through savage jungles; the world's most famous butterfly hunter at a time were butterfly hunting was de rigeur for gentlefolk. Dad's grand-dad sold 20 000 000 butterflies. Cabinet Le Moult was French Guiana's No.3 industry. Hirohito (Showa Emperor of Japan), Sergei Nikitich Khrushchev (son of the Soviet Premier) and Vladimir Nabokov (author of "Lolita") were amongst its clients. E.Le Moult developed equipment for hunting in savage jungles. Read more on iMDB