Netflix Movies Starring Piotr Adamczyk

Piotr Adamczyk is a popular Polish film, television and stage actor. He garnered international acclaim for his portrayal of Pope John Paul II in the film "Karol, A Man Who Became Pope" which was seen by no less than eight hundred million people worldwide. Known for his versatility, Adamczyk has consistently surprised audiences with his ability to embody vastly different characters ranging from anguished saints to ruthless oppressors, from melancholy composers to love sick fools. Having honed his craft on theatre stages at home and abroad, Adamczyk broke into film with great momentum. His portrayal of Stawrogin in Dostoyevsky's "The Possessed" established him as a leading man and led him to the role that would propel him to Polish stardom: Frederic Chopin in "Chopin, Desire of Love". His renown would only grow following his tour de force performance as Pope John Paul II in the two part Italian production - "Karol the Man Who Became Pope" and "The Pope - the Man". Read more on iMDB