Netflix Movies Starring Philippe Forquet

In 1962, as a member of the celebrated Theatre Moufftard in Paris, young Phillipe Forquet was discovered by American director, _Robert Parrish, who gave him an important role in a movie based on Irwin Shaw's novel, In the French Style (1963). Learning English as he went along, he played the handsome and somewhat naive younger boyfriend of Jean Seberg, who had won popular acclaim in France when she starred in the Otto Preminger film Saint Joan (1957). She was very popular in France. Attractive French movie stars were very prevalent in Hollywood throughout the 50s and 60s. Maurice Chevalier, Yves Montand and Brigitte Bardot were household names and a new generation of new European 'hotties' were coming up such as Jean 'Paul Belmondo', Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve and Louis Jourdan. Highly regarded for his extraordinary good looks, Forquet was spotted by producers at Twentieth Century Fox, and was offered a contract. Read more on iMDB