Netflix Movies Starring Noa Tishby

In her homeland, Israel, Noa Tishby's name is synonymous with stardom. An actress and a producer, Tishby got her first big break at 16 playing the lead in the hit original musical "King David", for which she won national recognition. She got a full scholarship with The National Museum of Arts and went on to play the lead in the nation's highest-rated prime-time drama, Ramat Aviv Gimmel (1995). She became a household name and appeared in numerous TV shows and films, among them the critically acclaimed _Hamesh Dakeot Bekinka(2001)_ (aka "A Five Minute Walk"). Her album "Nona" was the first English-speaking album released by an Israeli artist and also the first to hit #1 on the nation's charts (it was released in Japan by Virgin Records). She won critics' hearts playing "Anita" in the Israeli National Theater production of "West Side Story". Read more on iMDB