Netflix Movies Starring Nicolás Cabré

Nicolás Cabré was born on Febrero 6, 1980, in Buenos Aires, to Cristina and Norberto Cabré, and was the second of their two children. His father, Norberto Cabré is a taxi driver and his mother, Cristina is a caretaker of a school. Nicolás went to grade school "Escuela de la Independencia Argentina" in Buenos Aires's neighborhood Liniers, with Facundo Espinosa. It was Espinosa who introduced to Cabré to his advertising agency, after which he started doing commercials and the children show La ola está de fiesta (1989). Dropped out high school and never studied acting. His film debut at age seventeen in Brain Drain (1998). On stage debut at 15 starring with Ricardo Darín and Ana María Picchio. Also starred in other works with Alfredo Alcón and Darío Grandinetti. Off-screen, Cabré has dated several female celebrities, as Celeste Cid, Agustina Cherri, Florencia Torrente and has been engaged with Soledad Fandiño. Read more on iMDB