Netflix Movies Starring Morgan Daniel

Morgan Daniel was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Soon after High School he moved to South Florida where he attended Florida Atlantic University, initially majoring in Oceanography, and ultimately majoring in Business and minoring in Theatre. Morgan went on to study in Palm Beach with then transplanted LA acting coach Richard Lepore (Meisner Technique), had a short run at the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre in Jupiter, Florida, and modeled and acted in and around Miami until finally making the move to Los Angeles in 1989. Morgan immediately engrossed himself in studying and working hard to stay afloat while pursuing his goals in Film and Music. Michael Gazzo, Margie Haber, Jeremiah Comey, John Swanbeck and Maria Gobetti were some of the acting coaches instrumental in developing his acting style and technique. Morgan has had the pleasure of working with many interesting and talented actors throughout his time in Los Angeles, most notably to date, Timothy Bottoms, Jon Polito, Mitchell Whitfield, Shane Conrad, Frank Stallone, Calista Carradine, Oleg Taktarov', and the late Anna Nicole Smith. Read more on iMDB