Netflix Movies Starring Michal Yannai

Back in the 1990s, when Israel had only one (cables') kids' channel, Michal Yannai was the host of the main small kids' show. This role entitled her a lifetime typecast of "queen of the children", a typecast she hoped to break by appearing some years later in a controversial self reality show that dealt with her alleged true stories of doing drugs and orgies. She eventually broke her contract and refused to let the show on the air, and was promptly sued by the producers. Her second thoughts were allegedly pushed forward by her new businessman husband, Ofer Resles. The couple got divorced two years later, resulting in a bitter alimony war in court. Though appearing in various shows and films, including a short stint in the US, it was a decade later after her initial fame that the attractive blond gained newfound glory. Read more on iMDB