Netflix Movies Starring Michael Strong

While never one of the big names on screen, Michael Strong was one of those excellent method actors who were often compelling to watch. Unsurprisingly, many of Michael's screen characters were typical New Yorkers, whether they be cops or thugs, and he imbued them with an edgy 'in-your-face' intensity that was all his own. He was already an established stage actor, both on and off-Broadway, with an extensive resume to his name long before transferring his talents to the screen. A graduate of the Actor's Studio, he was also part of the original crew of the Lincoln Center Repertory Company, performing in key plays by Arthur Miller, S.N. Behrman and Eugene O'Neill. Usually assigned to playing military types or proletarian firebrands, Michael eventually came to note as a young burglar in "Detective Story", written and staged on Broadway by Sidney Kingsley in 1949. Read more on iMDB