Netflix Movies Starring Maryam Tarami

Maryam Taram is an Iranian-born actress and film producer. Maryam got into acting in her teenage years. She took acting classes at the drama school in the Netherlands and later trained at several acting schools in the United States. After years of theater experience, she made her film debut as Samira in the Dutch love story Shame (2010) opposite Joop Keesmaat. Three years later, she also made her debut as a producer which according to her has given her a better understanding of film and in this vein enriched as an actress. At the same time, she appeared in several short movies such as Michelle (2012) for which she won her first acting Award. In September 2014 Maryam released the based on a true-story 'February' for which won the Award of Best Lead Actress at the Red Dirt International Film Festival in Oklahoma. Read more on iMDB