Netflix Movies Starring Marianna Vertinskaya

Marianna Vertinskaya is a Russian stage and film actress. She was born Marianna Aleksandrovna Vertinskaya, on July 28, 1943, on a train going to Shanghai, China. Her father, Aleksandr Vertinskiy was a legendary White Russian émigré, who was a popular actor, singer and songwriter. Her mother, Lidiya Vertinskaya (née Lidia Vladimirovna Tsirgvava), was also a Russian émigré who was born into a Georgian-Russian family in Kharbin, and her junior sister, Anastasiya Vertinskaya, was born in 1944, in Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union. Young Marianna Vertinskaya had a happy childhood together with her sister, Anastasia. She was brought up in a multi-lingual family where she enjoyed an intellectually stimulating environment, and a highly cultural atmosphere of her parents circle. Marianna Vertinskaya was fond of her father, who invested much of his talent and energy in his daughter's education. Her famous father died when Marianna was 15, and she suffered from emotional trauma that cast influence on her youth. Read more on iMDB