Netflix Movies Starring Margaret Mcwade

Margaret McWade born in Illinois in 1872, vaudeville theatre from the 1890's met actress Margaret Seddon together they teamed up in a double act billed as the 'Pixilated Sisters'. she later appeared most often as spinsters or mothers in many films, first under contract to the Edison Film Company under the direction of Ashley Miller with 'The Drama of Heyville' starring Marc McDermott in 1914, followed by the Vitagraph Film Company. Perhaps she will be best remembered for playing the role of Mrs. Challenger with Wallace Beery as Professor Challenger in 1925's 'The Lost World' made at the First-National Film Company. She was mostly seen in minor roles in many talkies until her last film, George Cukor's 'It Should Happen To You' starring Jack Lemmon and Judy Holiday in 1954. Read more on iMDB