Netflix Movies Starring Margaret Field

Born Margaret Morlan, for three decades she was featured in films and television under the name Margaret Field and was the mother of two-time Oscar winner actress Sally Field. During World War II, she moved to Pasadena, California, was discovered by a talent scout, took a screen test and was signed to a contract by Paramount Pictures. She soon started appearing in such films as The Big Clock (1948), Samson and Delilah (1949), the cult classic The Man from Planet X (1951), So This Is Love (1953), Inside Detroit (1956) and many others. For television, she racked up more than 70 credits, appearing in shows including The Lone Ranger (1949), Perry Mason (1957), The Twilight Zone (1959), Wagon Train (1957) and The Virginian (1962), before retiring from acting to focus on her family. She died of cancer at age 89, on her daughter Sally's 65th birthday. Read more on iMDB