Netflix Movies Starring Manfred Wong

Manfred Wong Man-Chun is a multi-talented man - he's a writer, radio programmer compère, an actor at times, producer, scriptwriter and director, all in one. Born in 1957 in Hong Kong, he had studied at St. Paul's Convent School. Thereafter, he majored in Communications at Baptist College, but dropped out before completion and took up the post as a TV copywriter. In 1972, he worked as a writer for magazines and newspaper. In 1977, he became a scriptwriter at RTV and was involved in drama series such as "Reincarnated" and "Dragon Strike." He entered the film industry in 1979, working in the creative side of production. In 1995 he formed a partnership with director-cinematographer Wai-Keung Lau and writer-producer-director Jing Wong to establish B.O.B. & Partners Co. Ltd., the creative team most noted for its creation of the very successful Young and Dangerous series, the first of which established box-office breaking success. Read more on iMDB