Netflix Movies Starring Lelio Naccari

After his training in Paris, at the "Académie Internationale Des Arts du Spectacle", under Carlo Boso's management, he records, among his experiences, his participation to a number of spectacles of different nature: from Shakespeare to Pirandello, from Kafka to Brecht, from Eschilo to Campanella. Thanks to his versatility and his constant research, he gained various important rewards: in 2013 the "Grand prix France Brive" ("Prix du jury des spectateurs et Prix Ciné+" for "Artémis, Coeur d'Artichaut"), in 2011 the "Premio della Critica e del Pubblico" at the "De Cour à Jardin" festival (Anger, France) for "Il Processo", in 2008 the award "Giovani Talenti" of Confindustria for "Mani", an anti-racket advertisement. Now he is also working as teacher in acting and dubbing at the Stefano Jurgens' "Accademia di Comunicazione e dello Spettacolo" in Rome. Read more on iMDB