Netflix Movies Starring Kira Diktyar

There's flexible, and then there is Kira Dikhytyar. This girl has the ability to move in ways that defy all logic. The gold medal gymnast-turned-model-turned-actress and soon-to-be-author was born in Moscow, Russia on March 17, 1989. Like most Russian mothers, her mother enrolled her in the country's national sport, rhythmic gymnastics, but not until the age of six. That is considered too late and a disadvantage by most gymnastic standards. But not for the astonishing Kira. In just five short years at the age of 11, she became part of the Moscow team, and by 13 she was a member of the Russian Junior National team -- the best gymnastic team in the world for the last 30 years running. Her exceptional ability earned her a Master of Sports degree, the highest sport degree in Russia, and she was soon traveling the world and winning gold medals in international competitions. Read more on iMDB