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Kimberly Arland grew up in the Twin Cities with diverse, eclectic and multi-talented family and surroundings. From child-hood, she was immersed in acting, dance, choreography, touring, boxing, martial arts, sports, modeling and music - with great experiences arising early. Before the age of 13, she had her own performance company - personally booking gigs with large companies, she was a special-request performer for Sammy Davis Jr. to tap at his birthday party, was touring with her family's performance troupe and had modeled for countless magazines and catalogues. Before the age of 17, she had written and toured a couple of her own plays, had several sports and academic scholarship offers, was a Student Teacher (dance and acting), a Student Counselor at her own high school, taught dance all over the Twin Cities, was a teacher for an advanced Musical Theater college summer program, was being managed and booked all over the Midwest with her hip-hop crew and was deep into the Twin City's rich theater scene. Read more on iMDB