Netflix Movies Starring Khaled Abol Naga

Khaled Abol Naga is a heart-throb pan-Arab Egyptian star and one of the new wave cinema generation making International groundbreaking and Award winning Egyptian & Arab Cinema. He is a multi-Award winning Actor/Producer of feature films from Egypt, as an actor he collected numerous Best Actor awards from Egypt, Arab & International Film Festivals since 2001, He starred Arabic speaking feature films in Egypt and the Arab world since his first award winning lead role in "A Citizen, A Detective & A Thief" 2001 by Egyptian acclaimed director Daoud Abdel Sayed. Famous for his UN-expected yet smart choices of scripts & roles, Mr Naga created a vast & diverse filmography with unprecedented wide acclaim from critics & audiences throughout the Arab & international film societies creating a unique phenomena in his generation of actors, almost all of his films has an "exportable" nature to other cultures. Read more on iMDB