Netflix Movies Starring Kevin Coughlin

John Kevin Barry Coughlin was born in Inwood, Manhattan, New York. His older sister Joan Marie Colette was a nun with the Sacred Heart of Mary. Their parents were John Joseph Coughlin (1909 - 1966) and Marguerite O'Brien (b. 1915). They lived at 45 Sickles Street in Manhattan until about 1960 when the family moved to Rye, New York. Kevin had been a Conover model since age 2. His television debut was on his seventh birthday, on December 12, 1952, on the memorable show "Mama", where he would stay as a regular for four years. You can see 19 episodes with Kevin (including his debut) and several more without him at the Museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles and New York. "Mama" is definitely one of the best family shows ever made. The acting is of theater caliber. In her autobiography Peggy Wood writes that in the eight years she worked on the show, only on three occasions did someone forget a line. Read more on iMDB