Netflix Movies Starring Kaye Ballard

Singing funny girl Kaye Ballard was born to perform...and perform she has in a career now broaching seven decades. With a strong comedy background and tunnel mouth to rival Martha Raye, the broad and bouncy trouper has drawn laughs on the musical stage, in night clubs, in recordings and on TV. As the archetypal over-emotive, knuckle-biting Italian wife and mama, the octogenarian continues to tickle the funny bone with her earthy brand of comedy while alternately touching hearts in song. She was born Catherine Gloria Balotta, in Cleveland, Ohio, the daughter of an Italian immigrant. A deep desire to perform had already struck by the time she was five years old. A typical class clown during her high school years, she began to compile a number of star impressions for her act. In her teens she performed in a Cleveland USO stage production of "Stage Door Canteen" (1941), and soon set out on her own. Read more on iMDB