Netflix Movies Starring Kayd Currier

Actor/Model/Stuntman Kayd Currier is a curious study in the polarity of opposites. While maintaining an easy, natural, rugged American masculinity, he is simultaneously emotionally sensitive and open, with a developed feminine side. The dichotomy of contrasts creates a most interesting male archetype---the sensitive tough guy with the heart and soul of a poet--strong yet vulnerable. The Brad Pitt visual references are obvious, as well as the Fallen Angel model that Heath Ledger and Kurt Cobain personified, without the victimized tragedy. With his quintessential American mannerisms, good looks and boyish charm, he easily represents the new order of a young Hollywood star in a hip and contemporary way. Originally from the New England area, Kayd had first lived in NH, Boston, Florida then in Arizona before coming out to the West Coast to pursue an acting career. Born July 22, 1980 in Derry, New Hampshire to Heather Angers, a nurse and to Richard Currier, an avid motorcycle rider who would later operate his own machine shops, Kayd was placed on a motorbike from age one, and was riding his own first motorbike at three years old! Back East, Kayd once had an enterprising business, Intense Motorsports consisting of a motorcycle shop, a nightclub, a restaurant, and a boutique, all in about 10,000 square feet of space. Read more on iMDB