Netflix Movies Starring Karen Eileen Gordon

Karen-Eileen Gordon is most well-known to audiences from her two seasons on the hit Starz Original Drama "Magic City," as sassy New Yorker Florence. Born in Philadelphia, Gordon spent her early years in New Jersey before her real-estate-executive parents headed southeast to Florida, where she grew up. Drawn to all things creative from an early age, Gordon wrote/produced her first animated short (about a tooth) at age seven, and had her first short story placed in the elementary school library at age ten. A debate champion in humorous interpretation, she won state and national tournaments throughout her high school years. An avid learner and strong student, Gordon studied at Harvard, graduating with a degree in Economics (and an abundance of coursework in French and Art History). While there, the student body voted her "One of the Ten Funniest People" on campus, thanks to her daily-changing outgoing answering machine messages. Read more on iMDB