Netflix Movies Starring Kamaliya

Natalia Shmarenkova, wife of Kyiv Post publisher Mohammad Zahoor, is 2008 Mrs. World. She also has a singing and acting career and is excited about her upcoming role in a Hollywood movie. For someone crowned Mrs. World 2008, Natalia Shmarenkova's demeanor is refreshingly devoid of elitism and celebrity arrogance. In Ukraine, she is more known as a pop singer under the stage name of Kamaliya. She hopes the world will know her soon as a movie actress. Shmarenkova is the wife of new Kyiv Post owner and publisher, Mohammad Zahoor. Outside of business circles, he was the lesser-known of the pair, at least until he started spending some of his fortune to buy real estate and media companies. Married in 2003, the couple has lofty ambitions, talent and the financial means to achieve them. A professional musician, singer, model and rising actress, she did not get it all just by marrying the right man. Read more on iMDB